30 Best Small Business Idea with low investment

Small businesses are privately owned corporations and partnerships that have fewer employees and less annual revenue. In this small business, government helps and supports them. Government takes little amount of taxes from these companies. Independence is the main facility of these types of job. These small businesses are described below:

Grocery stores business:

Grocery stored is a retail shop that primarily sells food. A grocer is a seller of food. They store non-perishable foods that are packaged in bottles and boxes. Large grocer stores include non-food products also, such as clothing and household items.

30 Small Business Idea


A bakery produces and sells flour based food baked in an oven such as bread, cookies, cakes, pies etc. some retail bakeries are also cafes, serving coffee and tea to customers. Bakery sells prepackaged bread, cakes and biscuits.


Hairdresser is an independent type of business. In this type of business a hair cutter cuts and gives proper shape of the hair. A hairdresser not only cuts the hair but also makes different types of style of hair. They beautify the hair and makes hair style more attractive and glamorous.


Jewelry business is a profitable business and it belongs to the type of small business. In jewelry business you have to make different types of jewels and sell it to the customers. Your profit depends on the selling of jewels and attractive designs of jewels.

Electronics tools:

Today there is a great demand of electronic instruments. And our modern technology do not progress without the electronic materials such as light, mobile parts, TV parts, refrigerator parts etc. Doing this small business you should have knowledge on electronic instruments and their uses.


Photography is an art of taking photo. In photography you have to take photo of a person or any things. After editing this photo you have to give it to customers. you take money for each photo. Experience and skill are necessary elements of this business.

Furniture selling:

Furniture business is a profitable businesses. In doing this job you have to learn to make different types of furniture of woods. The furniture are selling to the customers and customers buy these furniture according to their choices and necessity. Earning of this business depends on the selling of the furniture.

 Medicine selling:

In medicine selling business you have to sell different kinds of medicines which need for various types of diseases. You have to give the medicines to the pharmacy and through the pharmacy the medicines reach to the door of the customers.

Hardware selling:

Hardware business is today more profitable than any other business. In hardware business you have to sell TMT bar, cement, plastics pipes and water tanks etc. you should have to sell the materials to the customers and take money from them. You also have to sell tiles that need to cover roof.


Automobile business relates to business of cars and utilize them for public transport. You buy many cars and use for transport. You take money from the passengers. your earning of this business depends on the number of cars and number of passengers.


Textile business is one of the profitable business. In textile business you can able to sell different kinds of textile products like shirts, t-shirts, trousers etc. Earning of this business depends on the quality of the products and the selling of the products.

Business of bricks:

Bricks is one of the important instruments of making house. Today bricks factory is one of the profitable business. In this business you have to sell bricks in different fields of construction like for the building of school, building of factory, building of hospital etc.

Mobile selling:

Mobile selling increases day by day and its necessity increases rapidly. Samsung, mi, honor, Panasonic are some examples of big selling mobile brands. In mobile selling business you have to sell a large amount of mobile phones in order to gain profit.

Book selling:

Today popularity of book has not limited only in the field of academic purposes but also the purpose of various kinds of government jobs. In this business you have to sell books which have great demand. your profit depends on the selling of the books.

Paper printing:

Paper printing business has a great demand and it is a very profitable business. In this business you have to print papers on various purposes like marriage anniversary, birthday function of children etc. And you can take order for the printing of any official papers of schools and other offices. Your earning depends on the quality of printing and selling of the printing paper.

Chinese food selling:

Chinese food is a very high demanded food selling business for nowadays. Pizza, eggroll, noodles etc. are selling in different occasion. You generations eat these foods in hotels. you can earn huge amount of earning doing this business.

Newspaper selling:

Newspaper is a very important news providing media through which one can able to know the news on national level, international level, news of sports etc. Everyday many people buy newspaper for knowing the news. You earn huge amount of money selling the newspaper

Plastic bag selling:

Plastic big is used today randomly. Plastic bag is used in different fields for carrying household materials and vegetables. You should sell good quality of plastic bags and sell a large number of bags for rising earning.

Marble and tiles selling:

Marble and tiles use to cover the roof of the house and it is used to beautify the house. You have to sell a huge amount tiles and marbles to earn money. you should also maintain the quality of the products which you sell.

Fruits selling:

Fruits are important for the development of the health and it is necessary for patient for their recovering of health. Fruits are selling today for making juice and any other drinkable products. If you can sell many foods your earning rises automatically.

Egg selling:

Today eggs are very high demanded food for providing protein to our body. The price of egg is not high. It is used in various restaurants and hotels for making Chinese foods and omelet. You have to sell eggs daily and huge amount of eggs you have to sell. And your earning increases rapidly.


Hotel business is one of the best kind of business. In hotel business you have to make a hotel and people stay in your hotel for the purpose of travel and tour. You provide room beside staying them in hotel.

Meal selling:

Meal is a nutritious food for both children and adult. You sell milk of both cow and buffalo. Your earning depends on selling of milk. You can sell milk in packet for the benefit of business.

Tubes and tires selling:

Tubes and tires are necessary parts of motor vehicles. You can sell different types of tubes and tires according to their size. Various kinds of companies produce tubes and tires for the motor vehicles such as bus, Lori, car etc. your earning depends on selling of the tires and tubes.

Motor bike selling:

Motor bike selling is a profitable and very smart business. There are various kinds of motor cycles making companies like hero motorbike, Bajaj motor bike, Yamaha motor bike etc. your earning depends on sell of bikes.

Tea selling business:

Tea is a very high demanded drinking used for the time breakfast and afternoon. Tea can get from the plants of tea. Different kinds of tea is available in our market. If you can sell a large amount of tea your earning increases.

Shoe selling:

Shoe is used regularly in our civilized society. Different types of shoe is available in our market. Different types of Shoes Company like Bata shoe, Ajanta shoe, khadim’s shoe, paragon shoe etc. you can earn huge amount of money from selling the shoes.

Mobile guard selling:

Mobile guards are necessary for protecting mobile phones from any other crash. There are many types of glass in our market. If you sell best quality of glass your earning rises automatically.

Conch selling:

Conch ring selling is a profitable business for its beautiful and attractive design and longevity. Married women wear conch ring in their hand as a sacred symbol according to their religion. Your earning depends on selling of the conch ring.

Rice selling:

Rice is made from paddy tree. Rice is very important food for eating. It is considered as an important food for the Bengali people. The price of rice is not high and the demand of rice is increasing day by day. You can earn huge amount of money selling rice.

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