Make Money Online Doing Part Time Jobs

Well, you must be known that part time jobs basically suits for students because of their busy schedule. Students go to school, college, and university because of that reason they require money for their study purpose. However, every moment they cannot beg money from their parents and it is also true sometimes parents are also unable to provide them sufficient money support. Because of that reason, students require part time jobs by which they can earn according to their needs.

Part time jobs

How many times would you spend for part time jobs?

Therefore, it is very important question and as well as lots of students have confusion about the time issue. Because they think how would they manage their time about study? As it is their main purpose. Some students provide tuition to several classes. So, in this way they can arrange the pocket money and their tuition fees though it is a great job no doubt but here you have to do hard work and sometimes travelling from one house to another, if it is home tuition.

However, apart from the tuition there are other lots of home based part time jobs which you can do from your home and can earn money more than tuition but you need a computer or laptop and network connection. Therefore, you can save your time and physical energy also.

There are some types of Part time jobs for students among these you can choose anyone:

You must remember all these types of jobs are for Indian students. Because according to the country you can get job facilities. Let’s see which kind of Part time jobs are for Indian students:

  • Dog sitter:…
  • Fitness instructor:…
  • Resident Assistant:…
  • Office Assistant:
  • Freelance Data Entry Jobs:…
  • Freelance content writing Jobs:…
  • Tutor or Teaching Jobs:…
  • Waitress:…

Eligibility for job and job opportunities:

For Indian College Students there are lots of Part Time Jobs opportunities but sometimes the employers require minimum graduation degree but it does not mean that after secondary or higher secondary, you cannot get part time jobs. However, it depends on qualification to get jobs and you also require good communication skill to get the better job. Therefore I want to mean the white color jobs.

But after 12th standard, a student can get content writing, data entry, tutorial jobs and many others if they have excellent communication skills in English language and computer knowledge. But if you do not have computer knowledge or excellent English skills then you can try for waitress jobs, fitness trainer jobs and so many. So, one thing has been cleared that part time jobs are available for several students and it basically depends on their qualification.


However you have to understand that different countries have different wage system and accordingly they pay to the students but in India the situation is different. Here salary or wage depends on according to the jobs, students’ capacity, their talent, and capacity to perform, discipline, communication skills, patience and many more things.

Various organizations have various rules and regulations. So, it will depend on them but approximately it can be started from minimum Rs. 300/-only to Rs.700/-only per day from the Part time jobs.

Beware to find out the part time jobs:

It is my suggestion to all the students when you will try to find out the Part time jobs you must be beware because there are lots of fraud companies in the market who cheat with the people. So, before starting work search their address and if possible visit there and take their contact number as well as their companies’ employees’ opinion.

Advantage and disadvantage of the Part time jobs:


  • You can gain work experiences which will help you in future to get the better jobs.
  • You can make money through these Part time Jobs.
  • You can be self dependent.
  • You will get various job contacts for future career.
  • Money management also.

Disadvantages of Part time jobs for students:

  • They are getting less time for study.
  • They need to give more labor and have to do hard work.
  • And there has lots of job insecurity.
  • Therefore, they are not getting extra benefits which permanent employees get.
  • However, due to too much hard work, you may face health problem.

Therefore each and every work, there has side effects but it does not mean that we will not do work. So, if you require you have to do work because financial support is very important for all.

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