A part-time job is a form of employment that carries fewer hours per week. Workers work in different shifts. There are many reason for working in part-time job including the desire to do so, having one’s hours cut back by an employer and being unable to find a full-time job. Easy attractive part time job in kolkata are discussed below.

Data entry job:

In data entry job the operators take written applications, company files and enter the information into computer. The candidates who want to do this job should have typing skill, computer skill and knowledge of relevant of software, organizational abilities etc.

 In kolkata there is a great demand of part time job in kolkata because Kolkata is a center of various kinds of private company. One can earn 30000 to 50000 per month from doing this job. The job is easy and attractive. The amount of income depends on how quickly one can do this work.

Part time job in kolkata

Back office job:

Back office job is the portion of a company made up of administrative and support persons who are not client- facing. Back office functions include settlements, clearness, record maintenance, regulatory compliance, accounting and IT service.

 Unemployment is a main problem in Kolkata. But there is a great opportunity for those who want to do this job in back office in different private sector. One can earn 15000 to 30000 per month. The part time job in kolkata is easy and attractive.

Teaching Job:

Teacher is a person who helps others to acquire knowledge, competence of virtue. Formal teaching of students is usually carried by paid professional teachers. A person who wants to be a teacher should have sufficient qualifications. These professional qualifications include the study of pedagogy, science of teaching.

 In Kolkata there is great demand of teachers of various subjects like mathematics, geography, physical science, biology, English etc. One can earn a huge amount of earning from teaching job. Beside tuition one can get the opportunity of teaching in various colleges and schools on different subjects.

Marketing Job:

Marketing job is the business process of creating relationship with customer and satisfying them. With its focus on the customer, marketing is one of the premier components of business management. In marketing the needs and the wants of customers is given priority.

 Some-highest paying marketing jobs are chief marketing officer, global marketing manager, demand generation director. The job is easy and attractive. One can earn 15000-25000 per month from this job.

Accountant job:

 In accountant job a person has requisite skill and experience skill in establishing and maintain accurate financial records for an individual or business. A satisfied public accountant has earned a license in his or her state that attests to a high degree of skill, training and experience.

 The average earning of this job is 45000 to 60000 per month. There is a possibility of rising the income of accountant job. This job is very easy and attractive.

Bank job:

 A bank job associates with financial,marketing system that accepts deposits from public and creates credit. Due to importance I n the financial stability of a country the necessity of bank job gradually rises day by day. Lending activities of bank job can be performed either directly through capital markets.

 Bank job is the prestigious job. The average income of this job is 25000 to 40000 per month. Though the amount of earning rises gradually. Bank employers are typically very well organized and have strong computer skill. They also have good communication skill and have excellent at dealing with people.

BPO job:

 Business process outsourcing is the contracting of part-time business activities and functions to a third- party provider BPO services include payroll, human resources, accounting and customer center relations. BPO is also known as information technology enabled service

 Experience is the essential thing of this job. People in this job do not have more than 10 years’ experience. Experience influences this job. Average income of this job is 25000 to 450000 per month.


Civil engineering job is the design, construction of public works such as roads, bridges, canals, dams, structural components of buildings and railways. Civil engineering is also related to construction engineering because it is similar to civil engineering as well as project site management aspects.

 There is huge amount of earning in this job. Civil engineer earns 30000 to 70000 per month according the basis of their project. When civil engineers get contract of big project there is the possibility of rising their income.

HR Job:

Human resource(HR) job is responsible for recruiting screening, interviewing and placing workers. This job also handles employee relations, payroll, benefits and training. Human resource managers plan, direct and coordinate the administrative functions of an organizations.

 There is a great demand of human resources specialist job. If one is a good human resource executive one can earn through money. The average income of this job 35000 to 50000 per month.

NGO Job:

Ngo is non- government organization. There are many part-time job in NGO such as health care job, public policy job, social and human rights jobs. NGO is a very diverse group of organizations engaged in wide range of activities of take different forms in different parts of the world.

 If a social worker with NGO he can get 500 rupees per day. however in most of the cases one’s salary depends on the site organizations. In a small organization one may earn a salary of 40000 to 60000 rupees per month. There is a possibility of earning huge amount of earning from NGO.

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