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So, the most wanted question at the present time is, ‘is there any perfect job in IT sectors?’ However let me explain why I have told the perfect job. According to the society, people think that perfect job means better salary, nice work culture, promotion facility according to the performance or talent equivalence and job security. So, I think that you can understand people’s point of view about the IT Job.

It job

However, it’s my first suggestion to you all the job seekers that you should not worry about this matter. Why? Well, you must be agreed with me that it is a robotic era where everything is related with computer and information technology (IT) base. So, vacancies are there and it will be creating much more but one thing you must believe that you have be expert about any particular it segment where you want to do the job. So, I hope that to get IT Job; will not be a big matter for the right person.

Therefore, in this article I would like to discuss about top 10 it jobs and its salary but I am trying to put more than 10 by which you people can be benefited.

1. IT engineer:

However, you need to know the basic function of the IT Engineers in their organization is to assist their staffs’ needs which are related to computer hardware, networking tools and computer software also. If there creates any problem, they need test it and they install the software also as per the needs. Apart from these they need to configure and have to do troubleshoot computer hardware and software as well as.

Qualification and salary:

For this job, a job seeker needs to gain a Bachelor degree.

Their approx salary can be 6 to 8 lakh per annum in Indian rupees.

2. IT Manager:

Therefore, an IT Manager has the responsibility to take care on the whole company’s electronic networks and they have another big responsibility is to lead the IT department according to the requirement of the organization’s information systems. However, they also need to update the internal servers and many more.

Qualification and Salary:

However, in this profession, companies require BE (bachelor of Engineering) to get the job and if the candidate has job experiences, it will be extra benefits for him and the organization to get the better performance.

Their approx salary can be approximately 12 lakh to 14 lakh according to Indian rupees.

3. IT Analyst :

Some organization calls this designation as system analyst who are performing on analyst, implements the information systems and design which relate with optimize organizational efficiency.

Qualification and salary:

Therefore, for this job , the candidate need to gain Bachelor Degree (BE) and their approx salary can be 6 lakh to 8 lakh per annum in Indian rupees but other countries it can be more but to click the job in any where you need to be perfect and right candidate.

4. IT Project Manager:

These professional works on the large- scale technology projects. Therefore, they fix the complex technical projects. However, they need to upgrade the systems and also they also do the technology deployments and these all things, professionals have to complete within a certain time. They need to take care about the company budget also about the related projects.

Qualification and salary:

So, here also the basic qualification which the employers require the BE and their salary approximately can be 14 lakh to 16 lakh per annum in Indian Currency.

5. IT Director:

Their main job is to analysis the business requirements and it is related with all departments. They try to utilize the best way of technical resources.

Qualification and salary:

However, like another IT Job, it also requires B.E. (Bachelor of Engineering) degree and if you have experiences, it will be better for you to get the job. So, in this field the approx can be $80,000 to $96000 per annum.

6. IT Business Analyst:

These professional perform on the business analyze of the organization with help of modern technology. They improve the software through the data analysis for the company’s more profit and several others job responsibilities they do have.  

Qualification and salary:

The most urgent qualification is the Bachelor of Engineering degree (B.E.) and with this degree the employer may demand experience and skills of this particular field. However, these professional’s approx salary is 6 lakh to 8 lakh per year in Indian rupees but as before I also told that it depends on the candidates’ potentiality and knowledge and experience. It also depends on the country where you are working. So, IT Job can be achievable.

7. IT Support Engineer:

These engineering professional looking after on technical support to the users and they also concern to solve out any problem which are related about technical support according to the request. Their job mainly related with computer software, hardware, services and with the application.

Qualification and salary:

The basic qualification to apply the job is B.E. and their approx salary can remain between 4 lakh to 10 lakh in Indian currency and you must remember that it absolutely depends on the candidate’s experiences and potentiality.

8. IT security Jobs:

However, these engineers are concerned to do monitoring the computer networks and it is for the security purposes, they need to do.

Qualification and salary:

So, here also the basic qualification which the employers require is B.E. and experiences. However, as it is very tough and responsible work, so it is very important to say that the candidates must be well educated and have to keep knowledge on the particular segments. Their salary can be approximately in between 12 lakh to 80 lakh as per the candidate’s skill, experience, qualification and of course the job performance.

9. IT officer jobs:

These engineers are working on installing and configuring on computer hardware and software systems. They also work on networks, scanners, printers and many other hardware parts. Therefore, they also do the monitoring also and they need to be prepared all time about the service requests.

Qualification and salary:

The basic qualification is B.E. and their approx salary can be 2.5 lakh to 4lakh in Indian rupees but it depends on country to country.

10. Data Architect:

These professionals look after the designs as well as they need to do the maintenance the data of the information system of the organization.

Qualification and salary:

The minimum degree requires is B.E. and salary range can be remain approximately within $112,825.

So, in the conclusion, you must realize that IT Job, anybody who has the proper qualification and perfect knowledge in the particular segments can get.

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