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Well, there are lots of job seekers who are interested to get job in ICICI Bank. So, for them this article is very important. However, if you read this article, you will learn and know a lot of things about the ICICI Bank which are more and more important for you all.

ICICI Careers

ICICI Bank’s Careers/recruitment process:

1. Application requires:

All the graduate people with different streams are welcome to apply to this bank to make ICICI Careers. However, you can apply to this bank through the online or you can direct submit your CV to your own country.

2. Shortlisting is the second option:

Anybody can do the application but according to the criteria, the recruiters of ICICI Bank will short list your CV and if they consider you as the eligible then you will get call from them for interview.

3. Personality taste:

However, they will take this taste through the phone in maximum time and you may say it is a telephonic round. Therefore, if you are a sales person you have to clear an Online Occupational Personality Test.

4. The fourth step is interview:

So, if each and every step you can clear, then you will get a call from them for physical interview or by the video conferencing set up.

5. Now the Selection Process:

However, after judging the quality in the interview session, if you are being able to perform very well, you will be selected for the particular designation which you have applied.

6. Offer the job:

Therefore, maintaining the all processes, you will get an offer letter where job description, salary, job location, salary and other details will be written by the Bank.

7.Acceptance by you:

However, they will keep an I-Banker session for you before joining you. So, it is our hope that you will also be able to clear that round and then you can make ICICI Careers. So, ultimately you will be the member of ICICI Bank.

ICICI Bank’s Posts and Average Salaries:

Therefore, it will be really beneficial for anybody, if he or she wants to make ICICI Careers because you will get an international platform where salary, promotion and other facilities will be there for you but you have to perform very well and you must be dedicated for your job.

Designation and salaries of ICICI Bank:

However, here you can get some ideas about the ICICI Bank’s post and salaries (approx). A Manager can get 4.8lakh to 12.5lakh yearly (Indian Rupees). Next Manager 2 can get 6 lakh to 16 lakh. Therefore an Assistant Manager 11 can get 4 lakh to 9.6 lakh. So, the next is Relationship manager can get 1.8 lakh to 12 lakh and a normal sales officer can get 1.6 to 2.8 lakh. So, to make ICICI Careers will be the best choice for job seekers. Even a Branch Banking Officer can get approx salary 1.6 lakh to 2.8 lakh.

An account Manager’s salary:

An account Manager gets 2.5 lakh to 16 lakh in ICICI Bank.

Call center Executive Salary:

However, these guys get the approx salary such as 1.6 to 4 lakh.

Bank Officer’s and vice president salary:

Therefore a bank officer is getting salary like 1.5 to 6 lakh and Vice president (Finance -2) up to 11 lakh.

Financial Research Analyst Salary:

However, they get salary approximately 2.6 to 14 lakh.

Regional Sales Manager and Retail Sales Manager’ salary:

Therefore, a Regional Sales Manager starts their salary from 5 lakh and retail sales manager get salary from 2 to 9 lakh.

Loan Officer’s salary:

A loan officer can get 1.4 to 3.6 lakh salary.

Marketing Manager’s salary:

However, a marketing Manager salary I huge and it can start from 2.5 lakh to 14 lakh.

Administrative Officer’s salary:

So, these people can get 1.8 to 4 lakh salary.

ICICI bank’s branches and its network:

However, this bank has 4882 branches and as well as 15101 ATM in the entire India and outside of India also. And it has been spreading its business in the 17 the countries apart from India. So, the thinking to build ICICI Careers no doubt is great for the job seekers.


Therefore in the conclusion, it has cleared that the all job seekers have got a better idea how to get job in ICICI Bank and they can also come to know that they can get better salary and designations in ICICI Bank if they perform well. So, this information is also not enough rather you have come to know about its branches and you also come to know with how many countries it is working now. However, it is important because you would realize that if you get job in ICICI Bank and will be able to perform properly you can also gain the better position. Therefore, you must tell that this is the great platform where you can build your dream ICICI Careers.

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