10 Highest paying jobs in India 50k+ salary

Well! Very often one question comes in our mind and that is about the highest paying jobs in India. You can observe that all the young job seekers are looking for highest paying jobs but some candidates think that in India they would not be able to get better salary and so they sometimes want to quit the country to get better placement. Therefore, it is also true that in maximum cases people cannot be satisfied with their job role and salary.
However, all people are looking for better salary and through this money they want to lead a nice and smooth life. So, according to the Indian economical growth at the present time, highest paying jobs in India is very less. But it is not that if you will try and go ahead on the right path, you would not get the better and highest salary jobs.

Highest paying jobs in india

Where you studying and which are your subject?

Yeah, it is very important matter that which college you have chosen and which field, do you want to join? And it is the most wanted question because if you are not being able to choose the right path then you will not be able to get the highest paying jobs in India and it is deadly true. So, before choosing the working field you must read this article and I am sure that you will be benefitted through this article.
Another important matter is that most people consider that to get the highest paying jobs in India, you need the highest qualification. However, I beg to you all to reconsider the matter. So, whatever you are thinking that is not true in the entire situation.

With the opening and growth of the Indian economy, professional opportunities have seen a similar growth trajectory. Today, it is no longer just engineers or doctors who start out with well paying jobs. Here is a list of the top 10 highest paying jobs in India, along with the qualifications required. For most of the courses, good colleges come with campus recruitments and fat packages. In this article I will give you some better jobs and highest salary.

Top 10 highest paying jobs in India:

1) Lawyer:
First of all, I can say that you can choice the Law profession. Therefore I want to mean you to be a Lawyer because in this profession, you can earn unlimitedly. This is one of the highest paying Jobs in India. So, to start this profession, you need a degree and that is LLB and after passing out you can apply for job in different organization. Even you can start your own chamber but to do that you need to gain more experiences.
So, at first it is better to work under any organization or any senior layer. However, one thing you must remember as the market is too competitive, so you need to study much more about your subject and salary will depend on company to company and place to place but the approx salary may be remained within 7 to 10 lakh per annum in India.

2) Pilot:

This profession is also very good and it is also one of the highest paying jobs in India. Therefore lots of young people dream a dream to be a pilot because of its highest paying. What should be the qualification for this profession? You have to pass out 12th standard with maths and physics and have to go through under the special training (200 hours of flying time). However, here you can get salary 1.5 to 2 lakh per month.

3) Next is Spiritual Leader:

Hey! Do not be silly. I am not kidding with your career. So, if you are being able to become a spiritual leader in India, your earning will be boundless. There is no particular qualification which you need but you need to be wiser about spiritual education. Therefore, you can open your own organization to teach Yoga and motivational training and speech. However, I think you must know about Baba Ramdev, Acharya Balakrishna, Sat Guru and so many people are there in India.

4) Another one is Cricket Player:

It is one of the highest paying jobs in India. Yes, I agree with you that it is really tough to get chance in the Indian team but at the present era in India, IPL is there. So, lots of opportunities are there to get entry into the team. So, if once you are being able to play good then your future will be bright and you can earn cores.

5) Another one is Management Specialists:

Therefore, one thing I want to say that this job is not for everyone. Here you need to gain the management degree from Indian’s best Institute such as Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies or you have to get foreign degree and you can this degree from Harvard Business School also. Another best management Institutes are IIM and JBIM in India.
So, from here if you are being able to gain the degree, you will get the best salary. However, I think you can realize that it is one of the highest paying jobs in India. You do not need to search in outside, therefore companies will come to take interviews and you get huge salary if once you are selected.

6) Chartered Accountant (CA):

Do you know? There are almost 1 to 2 lakh students appear to the entrance examination to be CA but very few get chance to study this course. Therefore it is not an easy job but earning is excellent if you are being able to work properly. So, ultimately, to become a CA is really tough but not impossible. The approx income of a CA is 5 to 7lakh. So, you do understand that it is also one of the highest paying jobs in India.

7) Another good profession is Drilling Engineer:

However, I think that very few people know or hear about this profession and it is natural. So, it is a specialized profession and it demands the proper qualification which will be related with it. Basically, these engineers are working on oil rigs and they also create oil wells and they do it for mining crude oil. So, their activities can be in the rivers, and remote areas.
Now a day, Government and many other MNC companies are requiring them and as a result, they are getting huge job opportunities. Their monthly salary is approx Rs. 2.5 lakh.

8) The most people’s wanted profession is Doctor:

Yes, there is no doubt that the science stream students always want to be either doctor or engineer but maximum people try to be a doctor because in this profession you can earn unlimited money. You need to pass the joint entrance and then you will be allowed to study MBBS. This is the minimum qualification to be a doctor. After that you can increase your degree such as MD and so many. So, if you do any job in any organization, then your salary package will be 6lakh per annually as an MBBS. But it is an approx idea. I think that it is the highest paying jobs in India.

9) Civil Service:

It is also the highest paying jobs in India. However it is the oldest examination in India and it has been going on since British period. After graduation you need to crack the UPSC Examination. There are 8 to 10 lakh candidates appear in the examination and it is really tough to get chance but not impossible. Therefore here you need to do the hard work more. You can get Rs.80, 000/-only to Rs.85, 000/-only per month as your salary.

10) Merchant Navy:

However, lots of people try to get this job. They want to come in this profession because it is also one of the highest paying jobs in India. To get this job you have to pass with these subjects such as physics, chemistry and mathematics. So, they get approx Rs. 30,000/-only monthly as a fresher and after getting experiences they get almost 1.5 lakh salary per month.

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