10 Best freelance jobs from home

Freelance job from home is a self-employed job. Freelance workers are represented by a company or a temporary agency that resells freelance labour to clients. Every freelancer can earn huge money in working little time at home. Freelance workers are independent workers because they can work any time and any place. freelance jobs from home are described below through which you can earn money easily.

Graphic designer:

A graphic designer is a professional job within the graphic design and graphic art industry. Graphic designer is one of the attractive freelance jobs from home to earn money. Graphic designer assembles together images, typography or motion graphic to create a piece of design. You should have the knowledge of computer and graphic software to do this job. It is one of the best freelance job through which you can earn money easily. 

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3d modeler:

3D modeler develops a mathematical representation of an object in three dimensions via specialized software. It can be displayed as a two- dimension image through a process called 3d rendering or used in a computer simulation of physical phenomena. You have to gain the 3d software knowledge and computer knowledge to do this job.3D modeler is one of the best freelance jobs from home.

Marketing consultant:

A marketing consultant is a very skilled professional job. A marketing consultant analyses strategies of business and improves business. Consultants work with all types of organizations and industry sectors. They may work as independent contractors. Marketing consultant is a very professional freelance jobs from home for earning money.


The beast instance of freelance job from home is transcriber job. Transcriber is a professional typist who listens recorded or live audio files and convert them into text format. They offer their services to medical, legal and general transcription industry. They have good typing skill and grammatical ability.

Illustrator job:

An attractive freelance jobs from home is an illustrator.An illustrator is a professional artist who specializes in enhancing writing or elucidating concepts by providing a visual representation that corresponds to the content of the associated text or idea. Illustrator’s role is to add personality and character without competing with the other thing. Illustrators have been used in advertisement, greeting cards, posters and graphic novels etc.

Article and blog writing:

If you are a skilled and you can start your own blog. There are anumber of freelance website that want writers for a number of jobs. Both online and offline publications publish feature articles which focus on or profile a particular person, company, product or service etc.

 Social medial coordinator:

Social media coordinator is marketing agent or public relation executive that is hired by business or political candidates to obtain positive press coverage. They draft press releases to highlight positive achievements of business.

Game developer:

Are you a video game fanatic? Then what is better than building your own games and getting to test them. A game developer is a software engineer or a programmer or computer scientist who develops video game. You have knowledge on software engineering and computer application to do this job.

Online tutoring :

 Online tutoring is one of the best freelance jobs from home. You can teach various subjects like English, math, geography, history, physics in online. Today students do not want to go coaching center for the loss of time and money. That is why they choose online tutoring to learn their lesson. It is very modern system of teaching system.

Voice actor:

If you have good quality of voice you can be a paid voice artist. So you can work in TV shows, radio programs. As the working world is moving towards video advertising,voice actors have great demand. You should develop your voice attractive and genuine.

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