Driving jobs In Your City – 820 Driver Vacancy

Ohh! Driving job? Driver? Yes, yes, I am talking about the common people’s opinion or concept about the driving jobs because maximum of them cannot accept this profession from their heart. In India, you can see that maximum people would like to get better job options. However, Driving jobs are not giving them a proper status according to Indian culture because here people judge other people according to their job status. If you are train driver or plan driver, then they will consider your better status but ridiculously they are not ready to accept the bus driver, auto driver, track driver and others.

Driving jobs

Salary in India for the driving jobs approximately:

Apart from the train driver (Government job) and plain driver (pilot), others drivers get very less salary. Train driver or Pilot, they get huge salary and they need a good qualification to get these Diving Jobs. They require a proper training to get the job and therefore, they need to give examination also and it is really tough. So, you have to consider that they deserve more salary and they have life risk all time.

Specially, for the pilot, it is too risky job and any time because of little bit unconsciousness any accident can be happened in any moment and you know plan crash means all people will die. So, because of these reasons, the pilot has a big responsibility of all the passengers and they are educated about all technical matters.

Average salary of Pilots:

A pilot who becomes first officer in the airline, they can get approximately RS.4, 00,000/- to Rs.5, 00,000 monthly and you can assume it is all over the world. Therefore it depends on other countries companies’ financial conditions. They are getting high salary because of their talent, education, life risk and other causes can be. However, still people would like to come in these driving jobs.

Train driver:

However, funnily as it is government service, so people give respect them more and they get all facilities from the government. They gain a good salary also but it is according to government salary slab. Therefore, you cannot bargain here. However, as it is government job and secure that’s why maximum people are interested to appear in the examination to get the railway Driving Jobs.

Train driver salary?

It is really tough to tell a train driver salary as it is government job and the honorable government has some rules and regulations and pay scale and accordingly the employees get salary. It can be not less than Rs.35000/-only (approx and basic). Therefore, this railway Driving jobs are secure as it is government job.

Others drivers’ salary like bus driver, auto driver, Toto drivers, truck drivers and others:

It absolutely depends on them that how much they can make money. They do not have such types of salary structure. For them I guess no work, no pay but there are lots of people do this job to survive. It is not that these Diving Jobs, there are no risk. There has also lots of risk and almost every day accident happens here and there. So, the drivers are also leading an insecure life and their family also.

Therefore, they are not being able to earn too much. So, with poor salary and wage, they need to survive. Still they come in this profession because it is easy to get this job. If you have driving license, you can get this job though there has some rules and regulations of the union.

Average salary of these drivers:

Now the question is how much a common driver can earn per day?  However, it is very good question but the answer will not give you more pleasure. Approximately, they can make money Rs. 15000/- to Rs. 20000/-only. Some of them earn below this money also. Still, due to survive in the world, profession and qualification you have to earn and there are lots of driving jobs vacancies in India and all over the world.

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