Driving job in your city apply to day limited vacancy

Permission of driving job in road is based on rules and regulations. Drivers are followed to the traffic laws of the road. Drivers are followed to the traffic laws of the road.

various types of driving jobs:

  1. Taxi drivers
  2. Bus drivers
  3. Truck drivers
  4. Motor drivers

In the time of driving driver requires to know the rules of the road and the basis of the vehicles handling. They can drive responsibly . Driver should have a legal valid license under government recognition.

A driver must be able to control direction, acceleration of vehicle. They have to know how to start engine , transmission of the correct gear, stop the vehicle etc.

Experience needed 6 months training
qualification 10th pass
Job information Driving type job
Job timing Any time
Job location In your City

In the time of passing a car driver should keep attention on mirror glass. Driver should always maintain motor vehicle rules and regulations. He should drive the in the safe speed. Before driving on the road driver should always check up the condition of his car..

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