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After getting a minimum education however all we come out to search jobs because of money. However, we all know that money is very important for our life. So, you have to make money at any cost to survive in this universe. There are different people and they having different ideas and according to their ideas and thoughts, they choose the Call center jobs sectors.

call center jobs

Various people have different concepts about the call center jobs:

However, you must be agreed with me that there are lots of people who do not have a proper and clear idea about the call center jobs. So, some people think that they will build their career in this sector but a few people consider call center jobs are not secured and they would become unhealthy after a few years.

Even, some other sectors do not count the call center jobs’ as a very good experience because they are only concerned about their sectors and they do not want to consider call center jobs’ experience.

Qualification for call center jobs :

It is very important to know the qualification for this job because you can be inspired to go ahead to get the jobs. So, the employers of call centers’ demand minimum 12th pass academic qualification and they also require for the candidates the basic knowledge of computer and internet.

Others criteria for call center jobs:

These are the basic criteria but apart from these you have to know about customers handling part and you have to show your speaking power. However, communication skills should be very good and to some extent excellent. Therefore, you must remember that you need to convince the people in a cool way and have to give solution of their problems.

There are two types of call center jobs:

Yes! You do not need to be surprised and it is true that there are two types of call center jobs.

  • Inbound calling and
  • Outbound calling.

About inbound calling jobs:

 When as a call center executive, you are receiving calls from the different customers from different places and you are giving solution to them-it means that you are working as an inbound call center executive.

About outbound calling jobs:

However, when you are calling to the customers directly for products or service survey process, it is outbound calling process. Sometimes, in these kinds of jobs, executives have to achieve target. But you do not need to worry about target because each and every job, we need to keep a target. Otherwise, you cannot reach your destination. Do not mind about its target because it is absolutely achievable.

Different posts of call center jobs:

There are different posts of call center jobs. So, when an executive work well, he or she can get the promotion very quickly. So, let’s see the different posts of this job:

  • Call center manager
  • Call center Supervisor
  • Customer care executive
  • Customer service manager
  • Customer service representative

So, according to the post, you will get the job responsibilities and you do not need to worry about the new job responsibilities because they will provide the on job training (OJT).

Salary Package:

However, there has different salary structure of call center jobs and it normally selects as per the experiences, talents, job performance and post. But one thing you should know that the salary can also be depended on the basis of city. So, I can say that it can be started from Rs. 5000/- to Rs.50, 000/-only.

Little information about domestic call center and international call center:

Therefore, you have to know that there are two kinds of call center jobs. In domestic call center, people get less salary and they work with the native customers within the country but in international call center people work for all over the world’s customers. Because of that reason, in international call center the employers want fluent speakers, and it is specially the English language because all we know that English is an international language.

High salary in international call center:

So, you can observe that in international call center jobs employees get more salary and therefore they do not have any fixed duty shifting. Out of 24 hours, you have to be ready to work in any shift. It can be night shift or morning shift and it can be day shifting also.

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